About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to remove barriers and unlock potential for families with learning and behavior challenges.

Our first priority as a nonprofit organization is to ensure equity in education. We believe all families should have access to the psychological services that open doors to educational support systems. Let us share with you the problem and how we are working to resolve it.

The public education system is not well equipped to identify and evaluate students who are struggling in school. The process is slow and bureaucratic, and too often children fall to educational neglect waiting for the system to notice them. Families with the resources to hire independent psychologists are far more likely to secure educational accommodations than those relying on public school evaluations. These accommodations are crucial and can even include publicly funded tuition at specialized private schools. Families should have equal access to these support systems when they are necessary.

We launched as a nonprofit to ensure that psychological services – our services – are delivered to families who cannot afford them. We offer consultation to advise parents, therapy to build resilience, and comprehensive evaluations to identify learning needs and secure accommodations.

How do we do it? Our capacity to serve the community comes from multiple sources. First, we provide our services at the market rate to families who can afford them, and then we divert all profits to serving those who cannot. Second, we have a growing community of donors who believe in our values and mission. Last, we partner with other nonprofits to ensure that public dollars are reaching the families that need them most.

We invite you to join our community of donors and make a gift toward a more equitable education.

Our History

The Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group is built on a foundation of over 80 years of service to children and adults with learning and behavior challenges.

In 1938 Marion Kingsbury founded what was then called the Remedial Education Center to provide tutoring and diagnostic services to children and adults with learning challenges. When she retired, the organization was renamed “The Kingsbury Center.” Although Kingsbury began her work at a time when learning disabilities were generally unknown and almost always overlooked, her vision blossomed into a nationally recognized nonprofit that launched two schools, a master tutoring program, and an outpatient clinic. Marion Kingsbury’s legacy is that thousands of children and adults have achieved the most precious gift of reading and access to an education once unavailable to them.

In 2019 The Kingsbury Center announced that it would close operations due to financial hardship. Following that announcement, psychologists Elliott Conklin, Lauren Siegel, and Ann Rowe founded the Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group to pick up the baton and carry forth the legacy and mission of Marion Kingsbury.  

Our Non-Profit Model

We founded the Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group as a nonprofit because we believe everyone should have access to high quality, comprehensive psychological and educational support services. Our services can uncover strengths and deficits, build resilience, verify diagnoses, and open the door to a better education or more fulfilling life. We know that these services are often out of reach for many families due to their high cost. In our model, we provide therapy and testing at market rates for those with the resources to pay for them, and we then use that revenue to create programs for families in need. We also receive support from private donors and foundations.

Currently, all of our free and reduced-fee services are offered through partnerships with other nonprofit organizations. In our school partnerships, for example, we coordinate with schools to share the cost of providing services so that families can receive them for free. As Kingsbury grows, we are actively seeking new partnership opportunities to reach more families.

Our Team

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