Elliott L. Conklin, Psy.D.

Executive Director

Dr. Conklin is a clinical psychologist, cofounder, and Executive Director of the Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group. He believes that all people love to learn and deserve the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling life. His leadership work is focused on developing educational and mental health systems that recognize the diversity of human creativity and intelligence.

Dr. Conklin provides psychotherapy to adolescents and adults. His therapeutic work often incorporates an exploration of family, culture, and community, and he is known to collaborate frequently with parents and educators. Dr. Conklin carefully examines how individuals process and manage their emotions, thought patterns, and relationships. He employs an integrative therapeutic approach, which tailors evidence-based methods to meet individual needs and capabilities. Dr. Conklin is well versed in relational psychodynamic, attachment, cognitive-behavioral, and family-based interventions. He strives to create an individualized therapeutic space for people to explore their difficulties and change in ways that make sense to them.

Dr. Conklin completed his pre-doctoral internship at Loudoun County Mental Health, and previously received clinical training at Saint Elizabeths Hospital and Neuropsychology Associates of Fairfax. He is a classically trained pianist, writer, and outdoor enthusiast.