Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing is a tool we use to establish diagnoses and provide an in-depth explanation of how our clients make decisions, solve problems, and cope with challenges.

Removing Barriers

⬣ Academic Skills
⬣ Problem-Solving
⬣ Memory
⬣ Executive Functioning
⬣ Attention
⬣ Social Skills
⬣ Coping

Our approach to assessment is comprehensive; no person is a score, a statistic, or a type. We believe that the best way to help each client is to understand the whole person. To do that, we examine many facets of cognition and emotion, and we seek to ground our conclusions in the client's background and experiences.

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We approach each client with the knowledge that all people love to learn. Our evaluations help children and adults unlock their true potential, reveal personal strengths, and develop a roadmap for the future.

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Unlocking Potential

"Talent emerges over the course of a lifetime of reciprocal interactions between the developing brain and a stimulating environment"
-Scott Barry Kaufman

Following Through

⬣ Collaboration with other professionals
⬣ Post-assessment consultation
⬣ Recommendations with action plans

Neuropsychological testing is an investment, and we want to make sure you get the most out of this experience. Our psychologists regularly attend school meetings and consult with doctors, advocates, and educators. We will take the time to make sure you understand the results.

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